Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And they all became as one.

We are well into Roadtrip USA '09, and it is hot enough to melt gummy bears. It's been between 30 and 40 ever since we have arrived, I am mostly used to it, James is not. We have stayed on a farm in Idaho where it was so quite all you could hear were the crickets, and the cows, and it was so dark you could see all the stars that there are to see. We have also been staying at cheap motels, and almost stayed at a motel that was a little too cheap. We found out just how cheap it was as we were ready to get into bed. We have experienced canyons, folk art, dust devils, tiny one tavern towns, diners and red necks, chainsaw carvings, 3 dollar bottles of wine, dirt roads, and many cool lakes and rivers.

Plastic Folks

Tonight we are in Ellensburg staying at a bed and no breakfast. A four poster bed, our own robes, cheese and crackers and juice and water in the fridge. And the whole place to ourselves. Last night we were sharing a bathroom with 95 year old Gramps.

The driving amount has been just about right, the GPS has been a Godsend. A couple of long drives, but they were spread out over the week, and the time in the car has allowed me to get some knitting done. Hopefully I will have a pair of house socks knit, or close to knit, by the time I get home.