Finally Finished Footlets!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Footlets or Sockettes

Footlets, sockettes, what ever you call them they are done! A little ugly, a little too short, but they work like a hot damn! Stay completely hidden in my shoes, and don't fall down.

Here you can see my feet (and very hairy legs) today at work. I think for the next time I will get a prettier colour, and probably incorporate some lace work or pattern of some sorts in to it. But at least the designing part is now done. Even though you can't see them when I am actually wearing them, they can still be all cute inside my shoes. Yarn in Cascade Fixation come in lots of great colours too.

Oh, and yes, my skin really is that pale.

Bed Socks in Sweetgeorgia's Paris

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here is the wool and the start of the sock. It was really hard to photograph and colour correct to show the colours accurately. Also, the difference of the colours between what a Mac person sees vs what is seen on a PC seems to vary greatly with these colours. I wanted to get it right because I am just in love with the colour combinations in this variegated yarn. Perfectly soft pink and lavender, with little bits of blues and fuchsia. I don't think the blues come out quite right in this photo.

I normally don't like a variegated yarn, or at least ones with very disparate colour combinations, but the stitch pattern used in this bed sock just wouldn't be as wonderful with a flat coloured yarn. It enhances the colours beautifully.

Some New Pics

I wish I had my own digital camera, but I just can't afford it, and everytime I go to look for one I don't like what is out there. Good thing mom is fast and free with hers.

So anyways, here are some pics taken on her camera. Me and Sheila went up to Lynn Valley the weekend before last and had a great hike. It was lovely as usual. But hot. I sweat tons. Funny thing, there were all these piles of fuzzy things all along the path. I went to poke at one with a stick. Sheila went to grab it with her hand. Just before she made contact I recognised what the lumps were and hollered "Wait! Its dog poop!" Gross!

Also, I just bought some absolutly lovely wool this week from Felicia a woman in town that dyes yarn in wonderful colours. I bought the yarn in Paris (so soft! and pink, and lavender!) I will have to post photos soon. I have started knitting "Bed Sock - In Lemon Pattern Fancy Knit Stripe" from my favorite book as of late Knitting Vintage Socks.

Anyways, enough chit chat, I need to go make my baked brie thingy for the condo people get together bbq tonight ... and maybe knit some more of pretty pink bed socks! :D