Socks so Far

Monday, May 28, 2007

Jean Luc is My Hero

Best time of the day. Earl Grey, hot. In my favorite mug. :) And today, I thought I would join the herd and post on the pligg.

So I haven't gotten super far on my socks because I have been trying to finish off some other items that should have been done ages ago. But here is a preview of the inside of my sock. I am designing the pattern myself and it is making nubbles on the inside that are interesting in their own right. Not the greatest photo, (shot at night) and the colour is a little warmer and darker than in the photo. I am using a Phildar sock yarn and initially I was pleased with it, but now I am having second thoughts. It's very splitty. It looks nice enough though, with the lace pattern, and feels well enough. Anyone else ever use Phildar Preface?

The sock pal I am knitting for has much larger feet than do I. But then my feet are rather small. This could prove a challenge, but I do enjoy challenges. I am trying to find a pair of feet that match her foot size so I can measure the sock once I have completed the foot part. I really want to make sure that the socks fit their intended recipient. I contacted her to get specifics. So far whom ever is knitting for me has remained silent.

I have decided (since knitting a bunch of socks in super-sock type yarn) that pure wool or 80/20 is just too hot for my feet to handle and there are so many sock yarns out there that I want to try out. The Panda Cotton that is all over the place now of course, but I also thought this Brown Sheep yarn looks promising. So many colours!

Spring Flowers Winter Scarf

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cherry Blossoms on 7th Avenue

Spring has finally sprung in Vancouver. In April, not February as usually is. Nature had to take its time and heal awhile after the crazy beating it took this winter. I was up at Lynn Valley a couple of weekends ago hiking for the first time since the wind storms. It was amazing the amount and size of the trees that had been kicked over.

In other news, the scarf pattern is indeed 'finished'. It's in beta form and laid out real quick and ugly in a PDF. I am a left handed knitter proper. I knit from left to right. This makes for extra thinking when creating a pattern from scratch. I didn't test this pattern out with a right handed knitter, I just think that it will be ok. The only part I am concerned about is the edges, I did a bit of something fancy to make the edges look nice and clean. I just hope this technique transfers over properly to the right handed knitter. I will be testing this out sometime in the future. If someone actually decides to download this first pattern of mine and try it out themselves I may get my answer that way instead. :)

The reason I knit the scarf with this pattern is that I couldn't get one side of the scarf to look at all clean when I tried it using brioche stitch. I have an ugly swatch I am going to post on the scarf page later on.

So if anyone is reading and would like to knit the scarf, enjoy!