Socks so Far

Monday, May 28, 2007

Jean Luc is My Hero

Best time of the day. Earl Grey, hot. In my favorite mug. :) And today, I thought I would join the herd and post on the pligg.

So I haven't gotten super far on my socks because I have been trying to finish off some other items that should have been done ages ago. But here is a preview of the inside of my sock. I am designing the pattern myself and it is making nubbles on the inside that are interesting in their own right. Not the greatest photo, (shot at night) and the colour is a little warmer and darker than in the photo. I am using a Phildar sock yarn and initially I was pleased with it, but now I am having second thoughts. It's very splitty. It looks nice enough though, with the lace pattern, and feels well enough. Anyone else ever use Phildar Preface?

The sock pal I am knitting for has much larger feet than do I. But then my feet are rather small. This could prove a challenge, but I do enjoy challenges. I am trying to find a pair of feet that match her foot size so I can measure the sock once I have completed the foot part. I really want to make sure that the socks fit their intended recipient. I contacted her to get specifics. So far whom ever is knitting for me has remained silent.

I have decided (since knitting a bunch of socks in super-sock type yarn) that pure wool or 80/20 is just too hot for my feet to handle and there are so many sock yarns out there that I want to try out. The Panda Cotton that is all over the place now of course, but I also thought this Brown Sheep yarn looks promising. So many colours!