Giant. Slub.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Can this be defined as a slub? Or is it just a giant rats nest? Anyways, I had to cut my skein of yarn in half to get rid of this this thus resulting in 2 more ends to weave into my sweater. I hate weaving in ends.

I have been super super super busy at work, of all the places to be busy. The type of busy where I have been at work at 8:00 at night eating pizza with the rest of the red eyed and under-slept engineering team (The rest of the art department thinks I have gone over to the dark side, become one of 'them'. An engineer. God forbid.). The type of busy where I continue to write css all through my dreams, and see the patterns in my knitting; in the half an hour of knitting I got to do in a night, as div sections. I am such a nerd (no not really).

But it's all done now, and I got such an awesome nights sleep last night. That was a lucky 2 weeks worth of work (would have been luckier if it didn't come with so much horrid overtime) ... I don't know if there will be more coming down the pipe or not.