Pretty but Nippy

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snowy Morning Lane

This is what I woke up to on Monday morning. Lots of puffy snow in my back lane. It made me nostalgic for Banff in a way. I like the way the air feels and smells. Cold and crisp. -7 degrees is cold for here. I am ok with it as long as it doesn't get below -10.

My apartment, on the other hand, is having problems with the cold. The old steam heaters are going all day long but it never gets above 17 inside. I have been having lots of hot baths.

Contrary to what my latest posts imply, I have been knitting a lot. I just haven't felt like writing about it. I had sort of a crappy month. I got into a fairly large car accident. Some jerk in a big white commercial cube van decides to pull into the centre lane, where I was driving, from the left hand lane with out even looking. He took out the entire left hand side of my car. 3400 dollars in damage. I was quite surprised at how shook up by the incident I was. Not a scratch on me though thank goodness.

Also in the past month my nephew started getting seizures. He was admitted to the hospital in Edmonton and spent his first birthday hooked up to machines in the seizure room. It was really quite worrisome. But then as suddenly as they started, the seizures stopped. No one knows what caused them.

Lastly it looks like I will be loosing my job come January. My 2 year project has come to an end and there is no new one coming along to take its place. Unfortunately there isn't enough internal art department to support the 5 of us anymore. Writing about my job on my journal, is that a bad thing? I suppose not. Even though I know there are people at work that read my blog.

Maybe next post will be a little more cheerful, and will contain pictures of all the items I have been cranking off my needles as I deal with this stressful time in my life.