Evening Stockings for a not so Young Lady

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Evening Stockings

Finished the 'not quite knee socks' (they came up a tad short, even though I was sure my mini swatch was correct) a few weeks back actually, but had to borrow moms camera again to get the photos up here for all to see. I love these socks. They are one of my most favorite things knitted yet, and I love the final product for a change. I really enjoyed the process of knitting these as well, the pattern was fancy enough to keep my interest, but had a certain flow to it, the lace pattern was easily memorized, and when one stitch was finished, the next seemed flow easily onto the needles. The way the k2togs and yo's were paired up or something. Here you can see my legs and feet in the photos taken only moments ago in my pajamas I got at Value Village.

Evening Stocking

And here I sit in my office area and listen to my neighbor give birth. Quick! Boil some water! No really, in the condo next to me, like 6 inches away on the other side of the wall. Its pretty amazing actually.

I supposed I should go to bed. I have to get up somewhat early tomorrow to help a friend move. Not my idea of a fun weekend but what can you do. On a positive note, the art department at work won a peer award for doing stellar work on many projects or some such thing. So I get 50 bucks to buy what ever I wish. And I already know it is going to be wool. Weather that is for a cozy fall sweater or a scarf (I have never actually knit a scarf! My first learner projects were all touques.) I am not sure.