FIxing up My Site this Weekend

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Yup, this weekend it feels like time. In the mean time, got the photo uploading working again, here is me and Liam at Christmas. Petra and Brent are going to come out this Easter with him and Ian and Christine are going to come out too. Should be a fun time with the family.

No Gold

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I have decided to change the name of my page to journal from blog for now. Blogs have taken on an importance of sorts, an importance that my site does not aspire to. I have been reading a few articles on blogs and some of the 'experts' on the topic have made comments such as: "The vast majority of blogs are self-indulgent ramblings". It seems that a 'blog' in the true sense of the definition is supposed to be a serious, thoughtful column put out to educate and inform. At least that's what a blog has become in its short existence, or perhaps what people would like blogs to become ... Have I talked about my inability to form non clumsy sentences before?

Anyways, that's not why I write, I write to ramble really. And soon I hope to share as well, some knitting patterns, and probably some photos. So hence the name change.

Lastly, yesterday I found the end of the rainbow, or rather it found me. I was hiding in front of the dentists waiting for a sudden downpour to slow when out came the sun and with it a rainbow that ended smack in front of me. And no, there was no gold. Nor any leprechauns.

Tea, a Book, and the CBC on Grandma's AM Radio

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My computer is so broken it hurts. Like hardware broken. Its been broken for 2 weeks now, a long, long time. Things have become very analogue at my place. If you too have a first generation G5 iMac and one day the CPU fan starts going full blast while the screen starts jumping around before fading to black I'd check this out. Looks like I won't have to pay for Torque to get fixed, thank goodness. Sure wish the fix it shop would hurry up and get the part in ...

In other news, I have some more knitting items to post, I finished Art's touque and one of the Fancy Silk Socks, but I have no pictures yet. I love knitting lace, and socks, and vintage lace socks especially.