Summer is Here

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Its almost hot today, and not merely tepid like it has been most of this summer so far.

I guess I can put this back up now that I am not sending future employers to my site anymore. I have had the urge to blog every once in a while lately as well.

And although most people I know are now posting a lot of photos at Flickr, I for some reason don't have the urge to.

And not only because I don't have a digital camera. I bought a vacuum with my raise rather than a new camera. Somehow keeping the rug in my new home in good order seemed more important.

Photography was so exciting when I was getting my degree, but now its just not. Its just so easy to take a 'pretty' picture now due to digital cameras. And even stock photo agencies are getting the hang of what looks good in a photo. Maybe there's just no challenge in it for me anymore. The older I get the more I have realized that I really enjoy a good challenge.

Except writing. Even though I have kept a journal from the age of 8 I find writing to be a big challenge, a challenge I never have any urge to take on. Trying to say something without it sounding clumsy. It always comes out clumsy.